Friday, September 16, 2011

The Calories in Drinks

try not to stock drinks in the refrigerator to avoid temptationMany soft drinks include lots of sugar. If you buy soft drinks, try not to keep in the refrigerator, otherwise you will be tempted to drink them such as with some alcoholic drinks.

It is recommended to try and minimize the amount of soft drinks you drink and to drink water or unsweetened tea instead. You may think that sports drinks or 100% fruit juices do not contain a lot of calories but, as you see in the chart, that is not true. In addition, a lot of drinks contain a lot of sugar.

All beverages listed in the chart are based on the drinks sold in Japan.

Coca cola, 350ml, 12oz, 137kcal. Cider, 350ml, 12oz, 129kcal. Coffee with milk, 250ml, 8.4oz, 115kcal. Milk tea, 340ml, 11.5oz, 105kcal. 30% pure orange juice, 200ml, 6.8oz, 102kcal. 100% pure orange juice, 200ml, 6.8oz, 80kcal. Low-sugar coffee, 190ml, 6.4oz, 38kcal. Unsweet black tea, 340ml, 11.5oz, 0kcal. Oolong tea, 340ml, 11.5oz, 0kcal. Green tea, 340ml, 11.5oz, 0kcal.


  1. This is good advise. I seldom drink soda because I knew the contain a lot of sugar. I do drink water, coffee and teas.

  2. While drinking water is the best, drinking coffee and teas without adding sugar is a good alternative.

    One thing we need in the US is easier access to non sugary drinks. In Japan there are lots of bottled teas without any added sugar. However, in many areas in the US, it is difficult to buy drinks without sugar or sugar substitute with the exception of water.

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