Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Top 7 Ways of Dieting

Japanese internet research shows the top 7 dieting methods:
  1. Being mindful with what they eat
  2. Reducing the food they eat between meals
  3. Reducing portion sizes and the number of meals
  4. Jogging and exercising
  5. Stretching and muscle exercise
  6. Taking diet pills and supplements
  7. Taking long baths
Though I do not recommend all of these methods, any of these should work when trying to reduce weight if continued for three months or so. Losing weight is not very difficult; it’s keeping the weight off that’s hard.

Reducing the amount we eat leads to lower calorie intake. As a result, we are sure to lose weight. Be careful not to eat less than your basal metabolic rate otherwise you may hurt your body. Another issue is that if, once you lose your desired weight, you return to your previous eating habits, you will likely gain rebound weight. When you lose weight, you will lose fat and muscle, especially if you are not exercising. When you gain rebound weight, you only gain back the fat. This is the serious point.

If you continue a cycle of losing and gaining weight, or yo-yo diet, your body will end up with an increasing body fat percentage. There is only one way to diet without gaining rebound weight. That is to learn the correct theories to dieting healthy so that you can make proper lifestyle changes. Dieting the healthy way, which includes aerobic and resistance exercises, can help you prevent weight rebound.

If you really want to learn the healthy way to diet, you should first understand the following:
    No rebound diet!
  1. Your personal basal metabolic rate
  2. How much energy you use and how much you take in
  3. The metabolic system
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