Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Worldwide Views on Dieting

Globe frowning. Worldwide dieting view.
Earlier this year, Reader’s Digest in the USA brought up research results on the worldwide consensus of dieting.

Globe expressing an idea. DietMaster, diet master.According to the research, surveying 16,000 people throughout 16 countries, the country that is most concerned about dieting is Finland in which 83% of the population has tried dieting at least once in their life. The second is Poland even though they were far behind Finland. Also, the country in which people sought a nicer figure the most was Brazil. This may be related to the many carnivals held there. The country where the most people use dieting pills is China. 37% of the population has tried pills for dieting. The report tells us about the differences in the views on dieting among different countries.

We are in a so called “worldly obesity age.” We at Japan Diet Academy would like to introduce our DietMaster program to each country someday in the future.

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