Monday, October 3, 2011

Our Stomach is Not a Trash Can

It is not good manners to have left overs. However, we cannot afford to say that while we are dieting. In fact, it is better to leave food left over in order to lose weight. Just a few extra bites may cause us to consume too many calories. For example, one dumpling has about 60 Kcal and one piece of sushi has about 40-50 Kcal.

calories in 1 dumpling is ~60Kcal, calories in 1 piece of sushi is ~40-50Kcal.
Do not eat extra food just to clear them off the table. Your stomach is not a trash can. If you feel guilty throwing food away, pack them up and store them. Be careful, these foods may become easy foods to snack on when you feel like eating something. Try storing them in the freezer so that you can plan when to use them. Unless you are confident that you can endure your cravings, throw leftovers away.

For your information, here are the calories of a few possible leftovers:
good-bye junk food

one soft boiled egg 60Kcal
one dumpling 60Kcal
one piece of sushi 40Kcal
one bite fried noodle (yakisoba) 40Kcal
1/4 Japanese Salisbury steak (hambagu) 100Kcal
1/2 Japanese croquette (korokke) 100Kcal

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