Monday, October 17, 2011


daytime sympathetic nerves are active, activating energy consumption. Nighttime parasympathetic nerves are active, fixing and repairing the body and generating BMAL-1
BMAL-1 is a type of protein which is generated more at night than during the day and it is thought that BMAL-1 is closely related to why eating food late at night is stored in the body much more than food eaten during the day.

Production of BMAL-1 is 15-20 times greater at night than during the day.Actually, BMAL-1 is generated the most around 2am and the amount is 15-20 times as much as the amount generated at around 3pm, when production is minimal.

While more research is needed, at present it is said that BMAL-1 is what causes us to store more fat after eating late at night.

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